Meet little 2 yr old Koa. He was lucky to make it out of the Devore shelter alive! We got him 2 hrs before they were going to euth him. Someone really loved him and put time and attention into him but never came looking for him at the shelter. He sits for treats, loves to cuddle, knows what the couch and bed are.

He comes when you call him so he listens really well! He’s very gentle when taking treats, has wonderful manners, he sits like a good boy on car rides and patiently waits by the backdoor when he needs to go potty. He loves his crate, very social and eager to please. He is a cuddle bug in a pocket pitties body. His legs are shorter and he has more of a staffy size but with a mastiff snout.

Consider him your well behaved mini mastiff. He just wants a cuddle buddy and if you need more affection in your life then he’s definitely your 1st choice.

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