Submit Your Dog Fostering Application
*LEGAL clauses must be read/agreed
The Foster Parent Agrees to the Following:

  1.  Duty not to Sell: Foster Parent agrees that the pet is in a “foster” and will not be sold, adopted, or given to another party.
  2. Appointments: Foster Parent shall be responsible in maintaining the pet’s health including the schedule of appointments given for the pet’s spay/neuter, vaccinations etc among others, as scheduled with the designated veterinarian.In case of unavailability, it is the responsibility of the Foster Parent to notify the veterinarian as early as possible to set another arrangement within the reasonable timeframe for the veterinarian. The center reserves the right to take the pet back into the rescue without refund to any cost by the Foster Parent should the latter violate any of the responsibilities set in this agreement.
  3. Pet Care: Foster Parent agrees to take care of pet in a humane manner as such a responsible guardian. This includes an understanding of things such as slow. and appropriately monitored dog intros. Adhering to the “Rule of 3” – 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months. Please remember you are taking a pet to a new place they are not going to be instantly excited to be there no matter how awesome you are.
  4. Period of Adoption: Foster Parent agrees that they agree to foster the dog but not until any of the following has been met: Foster Parent has completed the foster to adopt period, Pet is given a place for a permanent adoptive home that s approved by a rescue member. This will be until an agreed-upon date by HH and the Foster Parent. If at any point the Foster Parent decides to breach the contract by no longer fostering – it is the Foster Parent’s responsibility to find either another foster to be approved by HH or pay for boarding in its entirety until one is found.  This is a commitment not to be taken lightly, please consider this when agreeing to foster.
  5. Responsibility to Present Pet: It shall be the responsibility of the Foster Parent to bring the rescue to all meet and greet appointments to help increase chance of adoption.
  6. Supervision: It shall be the responsibility of Foster Parent to ensure that the pet is well supervised during outdoor activities, with strangers, children, including other pets or animals. You are taking temporary ownership of the dog, HH is not liable for any bites or accidents cause by Foster Parent’s negligence.
  7. Dog introductions: The Foster Parent agrees that the foster dog will not meet any animals in the residence upon 3 weeks of arrival. Decompression time needs to be given to all animals in the household. Introductions by the Foster Parent to their animals may proceed only after the 3 week period is over. Failure to do so could result in attacks and unwanted behaviors to escalate. We recommend this Youtube video by Koco Garcia for how to correctly introduce dogs to one another.
  8. Identification: Pet shall have a collar and proper ID at all times especially during outdoor activities.
  9. Food and Water: Foster Parent agrees that it is their responsibility to ensure that pet is properly nourished with food and water every day. Please keep this to dog food only and no human food!
  10. Escaped or Missing Pet: In case the pet managed to escape or runs away, Foster Parent shall notify the center immediately in order to coordinate a search and rescue for the said pet.
  11. Pet Medical Care: It shall be the responsibility of the Foster Parent to immediately notify HH in case of any health or medical condition that requires attention with regard to the pet. Foster parent is to refrain from any treatment until approved by HH and/or approved vet. This includes but is not limited to applying topicals, such as ointments or oils, giving oral medication, treating puncture wounds etc. Any costs or expenses relative to the treatment shall be covered by the Foster Parent. The same shall apply if in case that there are other pets in the Foster Parent’s home, the Foster Parent shall ensure that other pets are up to date with their vaccinations. Foster Parent is 100% financially liable for all negligence bills, whether the dog ingests something while unsupervised that requires surgery or a vet visit.
  12. Poison: There is to be no weed killer or rat poison used in, around or near Foster Parents home. This is NON-negotiable.
  13. Topicals: There is to be no topical flea or tick prevention applied to Foster Animal. IF there is an issue Foster Parent must immediately contact HH and wait for the response from HH. This is NON-negotiable.
  14. Prohibition From Letting Go with Strangers: In ensuring safety the Foster Parent shall not allow the pet to go with anyone except himself/herself, the family member, or any member of the approved vet team or HH.
  15. Pet is a Companion: Foster Parent agrees that the pet is a companion animal and must live inside the Foster Parent’s home, and not outdoors.
  16. Foster Parent Personal Updates: It shall be the responsibility of Foster Parent to ensure that the center is updated with regard to Foster Parent’s address and contact information. This includes but is not limited to pictures, videos or any other type of media. Media needs to be sent at least every 2 weeks so HH can ensure content for the dog. If the Foster Parent is unsure how to take video/pictures of the foster dog it is up to the Foster Parent to learn via Youtube or some sort of Google search. It’s 2023 chances are you know how to take a decent photo on a cellphone by now.