Meet 2 yr old Donnie. His story is a sad one, but our rescue is dedicated to changing his narrative and giving him the life he’s truly dreamed of. A good samaritan was at a gas station and witnessed his owner stabbing him, and he was thrown out of the car in a dirt lot. The bystander drove over to see what was happening when two more dogs were let out of the vehicle to attack poor Donnie. The witness was able to chase off the evil man and picked up Donnie and rushed him to the shelter. It took several weeks of healing, but now he was placed into a loving, foster home, or he is amazing with the small children and has trust in humans again. He’s been in his foster home for six months and he’s doing amazing. He’s very loving, crate, trained, housebroken, loves to watch TV and play with his toys, and he is eagerly awaiting his forever home to be a part of a family again.

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