Introducing Candy, the epitome of sweetness wrapped in fur!

In just a few short weeks, we’ve watched Candy blossom into a beacon of joy and love. With every passing day, her gentle spirit shines brighter, revealing the heart of a true sweetheart. She’s overflowing with affection and eagerly welcomes pets and cuddles from anyone lucky enough to cross her path.

The cutest quirk she has is that she will wrap her two front legs around your leg to give you a hug and to ask for more affection.

At approximately three years old, Candy is in the prime of her playful years. Her love for treats makes training a breeze and she’s already mastered commands like sit, lay down, and even “go potty” like a champ! Candy is working on her leash skills, but she is improving each day.

Not only is Candy crate trained, but she’s also learning that her crate is her sanctuary—a place where she can unwind and feel secure. She is fully potty trained, ensuring a seamless transition for her lucky adopters.

Whether you’re working from home or enjoying downtime on the couch, Candy is the perfect companion. She’s content to nap by your side or entertain herself with a favorite toy, all while showering you with affection. And nothing makes her happier than tender kisses on her forehead, her ultimate sign of adoration.

Ready to invite Candy into your heart and home? Prepare for a lifetime of love, laughter, and endless tail wags with this irresistible sweetheart by your side.

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